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Café Series - Ovolo Hotel and Lona Misa

Café Series - Ovolo Hotel and Lona Misa

We are so excited to be the coffee partner for the Ovolo Hotel South Yarra and Lona Misa restaurant. We spoke to Jaqui Rosenstengel the Food & Beverage General Manager to learn more about how the new venue and how the brand aligns with St Remio.

What can guests expect when they visit?

A fun & unique dining experience, great service, fabulous vibes.

Ovolo South Yarra blends past, present and future. The hotel is a place where retro chic and pop art collide. Taking its design cues from the days of disco, rock gods and retro glamour. The vibe is bold, creative, and unpredictable. All mods, zero cons: Ovolo South Yarra brings a fresh injection of energy into Melbourne’s -hottest cultural destination.

Lona Misa is a rebellious renaissance from root to stem. Enter a timeless scene with Latin loved persuasions to revel amongst friends, to siesta, or simply sit and pass the time. By day stop by for a casual bite, coffee, or fresh juice in the café. By night stay for something a little more, a lively Latin bar and dining experience boasting a heavily vegan menu with vegetarian options.

What made you choose St Remio Coffee?

Great quality coffee & broad range of products. Ethically sourced coffee beans & a company that celebrates the people behind their great product.

Is sustainability important to you?

Yes. Sustainability helps us to improve the quality of our lives and the diversity of life in our ecosystem. We should practice sustainable living and encourage others to do the same as well. 

 What is your go-to coffee and how many do you drink a day?

Long Black – about 3 a day 😊

What is the restaurants signature dish(s)?

I can recommend all dishes on the menu! But our most popular ones are definitely the 

  • Tamales Chicken Tomatillo
  • Roasted Pedron & Manchego Croquettes
  • Peri-Peri Cauliflower
  • Oyster Mushroom Ceviche

What is your life motto or the best piece of advice you ever received?

If you want to remember something, make sure you write it down!


If you are in desperate need for a stay-cay, why not check out the new Ovolo Hotel South Yarra and Lona Misa. You won't be disappointed! 

Ovolo Hotel South Yarra Website & Instagram

Lona Misa Website & Instagram

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