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Café Series - Shop 225

Café Series - Shop 225

Meet Lorenzo Tron, the owner of Shop 225 that proudly serves St Remio Coffee! We sat down with Lorenzo to talk about his restaurant, his passion for food and of course, coffee.  


Tell me about how SHOP225 came about?

Roberto, my business partner and I, wanted a great pizza place next to our house so Shop 225 was born!

What can guests expect when they visit?

Our guests can expect great service, a warm ambient venue and incredible food and coffee. We strive to ensure our customers have a great dining experience.

What inspired you to start your restaurants?

The concept for Shop 225 came about when my wife and I turned vegetarian. My wife was also unable to digest gluten and lactose, so we started doing vegan and gluten free dishes. That way no one gets left out and everyone can eat together.

What made you choose St Remio Coffee?

We were looking for a local coffee brand with the Italian taste. We love our coffee and wanted it to be like back at home in Italy. There is nothing worse than finishing a great dinner with a bad coffee.

What is your go-to coffee and how many do you drink a day?

We mainly have it at home or at the shop (we are very fussy) some days we can go up to 8 cups!

What is your signature dish(s)? 

Zio Pino pizza and Lasagna or Alla Norma.

What would you say to other people considering opening a café or restaurant?

It is hard. Be prepared to put lots of hours in. You must have a passion for coffee, food and a love for people.

What is your life motto or the best piece of advice you ever received?

If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. 

Check out Shop 225! You will not be disappointed! 

Shop 225 - Website & Instagram 

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