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Experiment with your brew style

Experiment with your brew style

Is your morning go to that same old cup of coffee each and every day? Yes, we admit… sometimes familiarity is the best. However, in this case, with the unlimited amount of home brewing options now maybe it’s time to start trying some alternate brewing methods. You might surprise yourself at you what you will like!

Brews can be altered to suit any hour or mood from light and creamy to rich and deep. Each style can be adjusted using the coffee grind, timing or method creating endless opportunities worth trialing.


Plunger/ French Press

Taste:  A rich, medium bodied brew.

Why try it? Simple. Quick and easy to make multiple cups of coffee at a time. For people with a lack of time, and money, the plunger is low maintenance and great for serving a crowd.

How to make it:  Brew for around 4 minutes before serving. As a form of steeping, whereby water and coffee are in full contact throughout brewing, the method mixes coffee grounds with hot water before separating the brew from the grounds.


Cold Brew

Taste: Sweet, rich, and thick. Almost like a liqueur. Originating in Japan, this method is a completely different way of pulling the richness from your beans.

Why try it? Perfect for the warmer months, iced coffees are great to serve by the pool or can be used in recipes and cocktails. Unlike many coffees, it stays fresh for much longer and can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks.

How to make it: Known as a long-term steeping, this method involves stirring coffee and water using a large pitcher, allowing to sit for a minimum of 12 hours before straining using filtered paper and a sieve to create a low-acid coffee concentrate.


Drip Brew

Taste: Gentle, clear brew that creates a well-rounded cup. First introduced in 1710, this French method has been used for decades to create a clear, clean brew.

Why try it? This delicate drink is the go to for a morning or late afternoon brew. The flavour and strength can be easily adjusted through a change in speed of how you pour your hot water.

How to make it: The pour over method involves pouring water through coffee grounds using a filter basket/cone. The paper filter is great for trapping the coffee particles- the main reason for a clear, clean brew.


Moka Pot

Taste: Full bodied, dark, sweet brew invented by Italians in 1993. Made from aluminium and eight sides to diffuse heat evenly, the Moka pot is considered the precursor to ‘proper’ home espresso machines.

Why try it? Affordable, and able to be shared with a friend, this method is portable and easy to use.

How to make it: Brewing for 3-4 minutes, the method is easy and quick. First step is to fill the lower chamber with cold water just below the valve. After inserting the funnel into the base and filling the basket with ground coffee it’s time to sit back and relax. Place pot on burner over moderate heat until the top of the pot is about one-third full. After removing from stove, you let the heat extract and remove the brown foam from the top, before pouring the coffee into a cup ready to enjoy.

So there you go, next time you go for your regular cup of coffee, remember it is almost criminal to give another brewing method a try.

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