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Meet Dathive, a Female Rwandan Coffee Grower

Meet Dathive, a Female Rwandan Coffee Grower

At St Remio, we want to encourage people to think about where their coffee comes from, and the impact that their purchase has on the lives of female coffee farmers at origin. To really understand coffee, we must understand the role we play within it, because our choices can either perpetuate the cycle of poverty or break it.

In our most recent farmer interview, we spoke to a female Rwandan Coffee grower, UWIMANA (Dathive) to learn about her story and role as coffee grower.

1.Tell me about yourself. Do you have children? Are you married? What do you enjoy doing?

My name is UWIMANA Dathive and I’m from Rwanda. I’m married and I have 5 children (2 girls and 3 boys). Me and my husband are farmers for many different crops including coffee.

2.What made you choose to work in coffee? Did your parents also work in coffee, and if so how long did they do it for?

I didn’t become a coffee partner until after my marriage, as my husband was already a coffee farmer, so I became one to help him and I love it so much.

3.Tell me about your role in coffee growing and what a day looks like for you. How long have you been growing coffee?

My typical day involves activities like weeding, mulching, maintaining soil humidity, and pruning to remove dried plants that are infected by pests or diseases.

4.What is the hardest part of coffee growing

One of the biggest challenges to coffee growers is the maintenance and protection of the coffee trees through mulching & fertilization.

5.What is it like to be part of Cocagi femme and how do you support each other?

I’m so proud of my role within the cooperative. We all support each other and share knowledge and all work together to support our families’ development. Since joining the cooperative, I have made friends, expanded my knowledge of coffee maintenance, and helped improved my family’s development.

6.What would you like to see change about the coffee industry?

One thing I would like to see change is the cost of cherries compared to the cost of coffee maintenance. If this changes it will encourage the farmers to better maintain their plantations.

7.What makes Rwanda so special?

I love Rwanda because there is high transparency when it comes to education, security, and rights for women. I would encourage everyone to visit Rwanda.

8.Anything else you would like to say?

I encourage all countries to protect their climate by avoiding deforestation, burning or any other activities that affect normal weather conditions. Thank you.

By purchasing St Remio Coffee, you are choosing to empower female coffee farmers like Monique. That’s the impact of your cup of coffee.

Make the change today!


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