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Organic Expressi®* & Caffitaly®* Pods have landed in Coles!

Organic Expressi<sup>®*</sup> & Caffitaly<sup>®*</sup> Pods have landed in Coles!

For the past year, the team at St Remio have been busy creating our newest, premium range of specialty, organic coffee, St Remio Bio- Organic! We’ve been busy sampling blend compositions and different roast profiles, to bring your 3 exclusive, organic blends (available nationally in Coles Supermarkets and via our online store) that we know you are sure to love.


Distinctly designed in a green box with floral illustrations, our Bio-Organic Range is certified to European standards and has just been approved by Australian Certified Organic too so you know you are enjoying a sustainably sourced, organic coffee that supports coffee growers at origin.


The range features 3 key blends; Aromatic (for those that love a mild coffee), Espresso (a signature blend) and for lovers of full-bodied coffee, Robust (at our highest strength of 14).


At St Remio, we are all about premium coffee without the price tag because everyone is entitled to enjoy a great coffee. As always, we continue to launch products that help us fund projects that support, empower and enhance coffee growing communities at origin, and this remains at the center of everything we, at St Remio, stand for. Because great coffee is only made possible by the wonderful coffee growers from all over the world and we believe that all consumers need to be aware that each coffee they drink has a direct impact on their lives and why it is important to choose brands like ours, that both protect and invest in their livelihoods to ensure that coffee can continue for generations to come.  


So follow your heart and find the green boxes at your local Coles Supermarket and enjoy a premium, organic coffee that is making a positive difference in the lives of coffee communities.

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