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Introducing our new K-fee®*/ Caffitaly®* compatible coffee capsules!

Introducing our new K-fee<sup>®*</sup>/ Caffitaly<sup>®*</sup> compatible coffee capsules!

That’s right. One capsule that fits in two different systems and gives you the perfect coffee every time.

St Remio is excited to unveil their brand new range of compatible capsules that work in two different proprietary systems, Expressi®* (Aldi) and Caffitaly®* (Woolworths). The capsule has been specially created to allow it to fit perfectly into both coffee machines without compromising their integrity.

It is the first time a national retailer has opened up these two closed systems introducing a compatible capsule that allows consumers to buy coffee capsules outside of Aldi and Woolworths stores and giving the consumer the ability to purchase a brand outside of Caffitaly®* and Expressi®*.

St Remio pride themselves on quality, transparency and community, and while a great coffee is paramount, they aim to challenge consumers to really think about the people and process behind the coffee they enjoy.

Founder Trent Knox, was inspired to create St Remio after spending time in the coffee fields of Rwanda.

“I have been involved in coffee for over 10 years and this was the first time I was challenged to really think about the people behind coffee. The farmers. The communities. The families. It was in that moment that St Remio was born.”

“After the genocide killed close to one million men, the women had no choice but to run the coffee plantations with little or no education or experience. Despite the tragedy they had already faced, they stood side by side working towards a common goal which was to provide for their families. Coffee isn’t just a commodity, coffee is a about unity.”

St Remio are proud to have partnered with social enterprise Sustainable Harvest® who currently work with the female farming community of Rwanda to empower and teach them leading farming practices. They aim to educate and improve the livelihoods of these women through training programs that create the basis for more transparent trade as well teaching them how to run a business, grow more from their plots of land and provide them with access to international buyers so they can provide for their families and improve their community.

“Simply by changing your coffee to St Remio, you are making a decision to make a difference in someone else’s life. We are proud of our partnership with Sustainable Harvest and are excited by the legacy we are creating with the support of you, the consumer. St Remio is more than just great coffee, it is coffee with a conscience,” Knox explains.

Coffee enthusiasts can now enjoy four new distinct blends from St Remio with each blend carefully roasted, ground and hermetically sealed to ensure the consumer enjoys the freshest coffee. 

INTENSE For lovers of a strong coffee, St Remio INTENSE is a strong and bold tasting coffee. This full-flavoured blend features notes of dark chocolate, fig and blackberry.

CLASSIC A smooth and creamy blend, St Remio CLASSIC is a medium-dark roast with notes of plum, cinnamon and star anise.

STRONG A well-balanced but bold tasting coffee, St Remio STRONG is a medium dark roast with notes of milk chocolate, nuts and mild spice.

DECAF ST Remio DECAF is 100% certified organic coffee. Sourced from the fields of Mexico, this premium decaffeinated blend uses beans that have been cleaned by the mountain washing process which removes the caffeine without removing the taste

Retailing from $3.75 (per box of 10 capsules), St Remio challenges the notion that premium coffee comes with a premium price tag. The four blends are exclusively available from Coles supermarkets nationally. 

Be part of the change today…


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