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Meet Claire, A Future Female Coffee Grower

Meet Claire, A Future Female Coffee Grower

At St Remio, we want to encourage people to think about where their coffee comes from, and the impact that their purchase has on the lives of female coffee farmers at origin. To really understand coffee, we must understand the role we play within it, because our choices can either perpetuate the cycle of poverty, or break it.

In our most recent farmer interview, we spoke to a future female Rwandan Coffee grower, UWAMAHORO MARIE (Claire) to learn about her story and role as coffee grower.

1. Tell me about yourself. Do you have children? Are you married? What do you enjoy doing?

I’m single. I have two brothers and one sister. I enjoy activities related to harvesting coffee like weeding and mulching because I get money from this straight after I complete it.

2. Tell me about your role in coffee growing and what a day looks like for you. How long have you been growing coffee?

A typical day for me involves mulching and transporting mulch to the plantation.

3. What made you choose to work in coffee? Did your parents also work in coffee, and if so how long did they do it for?

I chose to work in coffee because it’s profitable and because it’s an activity that provides the money quickly. My parents are coffee growers and they encourage me to one day plant my own coffee trees. I want to become a coffee farmer one day like my parents.

4. What is it like to be part of Cocagi femme and how do you support each other?

I’m not part of the COCAGI cooperative but my mother is. I am part of COCAGI youth, which is a small group of young volunteers that are the children of COCAGI cooperative members.

5.What would you like to see change about the coffee industry?

I would like to see higher quantities of new coffee seedlings provided and more opportunities to work in coffee washing stations to create more experience for youth in the coffee industry.

6.What makes Rwandan coffee so special?

Rwandan coffee is so special because of the training provided to us as well as having traceability systems maintained.

7. Anything else you would like to say?

I would like to continue to see good international partnerships, climate maintenance and protection of human rights.

By purchasing St Remio Coffee, you are choosing to empower future female coffee farmers like Claire. That’s the impact of your cup of coffee.

Make the change today!


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